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Any photos you see on this website (except on pedigree/or sires in Europe) are of dogs that I have personally produced from my excellent German Shepherd lines. All photos are either what I personally took of my dogs and puppies or are pictures my buyers have sent me of the dog/puppy they got from my kennel.

Jennifer Fine

Hi Linda,

I want to thank you for a wonderful addition to our family. Lola is so well socialized – she fit right in with Max (our 18 mo old GSD) and they are already playing like old friends. Everyone who sees her (the entire island it would seem) stops to say how beautiful she is.

She is coming along well with her training, and only had one accident the first day. She has learned to love her crate-well, at least tolerate it and is bouncing along, healthy as can be. She has an amazing amount of self confidence, and is totally fearless. I cannot wait to see the adult she becomes.
I will keep you updated with pictures as she grows.

Jennifer Fine
Manager SAP Recruiting
JDC Group

Thought you might like to see how gorgeous Lola is!

Katherine Pearce


Just wanted to touch base with you about our puppy, Merlin that we purchased from you in April, 2009. He’s just over a year old now and is the most amazing dog. He’s so intelligent and protective. He weighs in at just over 100 lbs. now. I would like to thank you for breeding such high quality dogs. Attached is photo of Merlin.

Thanks Again,
Katherine Pearce



Birdie and Bogie are wonderful dogs!!
They have received their CGC & Agility titles.
We are now working on Advanced Agility.
We love our dogs!!


Birdie and Bogie, German Shepherds

Lori Burbank


Schatzi (peanut) is the BEST dog i’ve ever seen. She’s so smart and sweet, doesn’t cry in her crate, when we go for walks she stops when my daughter starts getting to far behind to wait for her, she’s starting to get such a personality! Thanks so much! Let me know if these pictures didn’t work.

Hi Linda,
Schatzi won a pet trick prize. I am sending some pics and a copy of her certificate.

She is such a beautiful and amazingly intelligent dog- this prize was for playing soccer.

thanks again,
Lori Burbank

Delmar, Barbara, Rebecca and Cameron

Hello Linda and Emma!

Sorry it has been so long for an update! I hope you can see in the picture that she is just growing every day and getting absolutely smarter everyday! My vet says she is a perfect pup; our puppy class trainer says she has had really good breeding; and of course you know that we think she is pretty wonderful too!

She came here house trained (thank you so much) and we are working on her little manners and she goes in her crate easily, she is making and holding eye contact with me, sits on command, and waits patiently for food.
When we take her outside at night she has her cute little gsd stance if there is something she isn’t sure of and isn’t fearful of anything! And she goes wherever I go! She does want to grab my ankles sometimes but she is learning that if she does I will walk away from her and she does not like that at all! She greets all her visitors that have come to meet her with kisses and a wagging tail!

The two older dogs are very patient with her and love to play! I was a little worried at first, but shouldn’t have been!

Thank you so much for our sweet Abby Clare!
Delmar, Barbara, Rebecca and Cameron

German Shepherd

Hank Wahlers

My first dog from my daughter Linda, was Shally, we just put her down at 14 yrs old. My fathers day present was Duke. He is the most intelligent Shepherd I have ever owned!! He understands every command I give him! Knows each toy by name & he loves to swim in the Pond and play in the Snow.

At 11 months he was 96 lbs, & now he is 28 inches tall and 102 lbs !! The vets love him & his health is excellent. He just sired his first litter – 8 pups! A woman from ‘Germany’ bought 3 of them!

Hank Wahlers, upstate NY
Linda’s dad

Joe (Polk County Sheriff)


Hi, I’m sorry I have not keep in touch. How are you and Emma doing? I will be sending your Pictures of Storm Berg Quella. He is great. Very smart. I am so please with him! I joined TOP DAWG SCHUTZHUND CLUB. ”Everyone” is so impressed with his bite work AND drive. All I hear is how great he is doing in Schutzhund!

talk soon
(Polk County Sheriff)

Donnie Guffey

I bought a beautiful and very intelligent German Shepherd puppy from Linda in June 2004. I have always been extremely happy with my puppy.

“Tasha” is a fantastic pet and is quickly making her mark in the AKC Rally show ring. She has “placed” in every show she has competed in and has earned her Rally Novice title. When I am ready to breed Tasha, Linda is the ONLY one I trust to find me an acceptable male to breed to my girl. I will be also be getting another shepherd puppy from Linda in the near future for my son to train and take into the AKC circuit. If you want quality and a breeder that will stand behind her puppies, call Linda.

Donnie Guffey
Retired Deputy Sherrif

Tasha is from Zilly (sire Sch3/dam Sch1) and Nomar show points/OFA (Ch parents).

Donnie’s son David bought his first German Shepherd puppy T-Pol, a solid black from Berg Quella. Donnie & David have titled these dogs in Rally and Obedience.

Tasha is OFA, has all her Rally & CD titles!

T-Pol just earned all her Rally titles & now going for CD!

Donnie has yet another dog from me, (T-pol & Tasha above)

Cisco and now has a litter due from Cisco and T-Pol summer of 2012!