Lori Quast


I just wanted to let you know that Baron is an amazing puppy. I have had Shepherds all my life but never one that has been so alert & so intelligent at this age. He has already picked up where things are after only one day. I kept his kennel in the laundry room and i put him to bed around10:00. I got up at 1:30 am 3:30am and again at 5:30am (probably overkill but i know he was so lonely his first night without his family) to let him out. He held it and has not had one accident yet (And he was in the house all day yesterday!) He went potty everytime i took him out. Anyways, I am so grateful for such a wonderful puppy. I will get you some photos in the few days. Thank you very much, He is truly amazing!!

Sincerely, Lori Quast


Just wanted to send a couple of pics of Baron to show you how handsome he is. He started his first protection introduction class yesterday. The trainer said in 18 yrs. he has only had 2 puppies before Baron go after the whip when they were introduced to it the first time. When he brought that whip out and started using it Baron went crazy!! He was lunging at him snarling and barking trying to get to that whip. Then he would grab the towel and shake it and growl. He has great nerve, nothing rattles him and he is intimidated by nothing. He is doing great at obedience as well. Very good at his sit, down, heel and stays. I take him with me whenever i can. He is such an intelligent and well balanced dog. It’s so funny, since the day i got him if he hears children (especially little girls) playing somewhere he goes crazy trying to get to them so he can play. I tell people it’s because of Emma, he remembers!! Well, I hope everything is well,

Take Care, Lori.

P.S. Next time I will try to get some more “action” in his photos instead of him just lounging around!

Ty and Nancy


My wife and I have spent some time on your website and taken a close look at the pedigrees of your litter’s mother and father. We want one of the puppies for sure. We prefer a male. Please tell us how to proceed from here. What convinced us without actually seeing the puppies is the fact that our recently departed Rex von Merlene and your Amina seem to us to be from the same blood lines. Take a peek. We’ll bring the papers on our dog just as a matter of interest.

We don’t want to miss out on this opportunity and would like to send a deposit sight unseen.


Just wanted to let you know that all went very well on the trip home yesterday with Max. He slept in Nancy’s arms most of the way. Not bad. He’s eating and sleeping and peeing and doing all those puppy things. King, the 8 year old GSD and he are getting along great. Max only woke up and whined twice last night. Other than that he slept. Good boy !

I am amazed that he has taken to walking on a leash already. A little balking at first but then he was fine with it. We put on leash when we take him out the front door.We’re going to take him to a puppy kindergarten in a couple of weeks. It’s put on my the Brevard Kennel Club so we hope it’s good.Nancy (my wife) and I are so pleased to have been guided to you!

Thank you for our new family member, you have brought such Joy to our lives.


attached is an updated picture of Max.

Liz Rollo

Hi Linda,

My name is liz rollo and we bought a opus puppy\selly puppy from you in september of 2009 she was born on 7/8/2009. she is a wonderful dog. we are looking for another puppy in the near future and i was wondering if there are any opus puppies available? if not do you have any pupppies available in a month or so we would perfer a blk and tan male puppy but are really not picky on color. i have attached a couple of pics of our girl Bia (her reg name is ophilia von rollo but we call her Bia) . She is a wonderful dog. and when we started discussing a new one you were the first person i thought of for a new pal for bia. please let me know if you have any opus puppies planned or let me know what you might be having available soon.

thank you
liz rollo

Joe Galan

Hi Linda,

I just want to give you an up date on Storm. He is doing great!!
I will be going for his BH in December and hopefully soon after that for his Schutzhund one.
Everyone in the Club can’t believe how well he is doing.
I had a guy offer to buy him. I told him no!
I was also asked if I wanted to breed him to their female. I told them, I will have to get the okay from the breeder. I am sending you some pics on his bite work.
It’s a trial on December 08. I will let you know information on next meeting which is next month. The trial is going to be held in the club field. I cant wait for you to see him!

(Storm received his BH – Congratulations!!!)

Joe Galan, President
Tampa Bay Working Dog Schutzhund Club

Mary Pizzi

Hello Linda and Emma!

Bella is growing like a weed and I thought you might like to see how she looks at 7 months. She weighs 59.4 lbs today. She has really bonded with my husband, David. She follows him everywhere. I think she will be his running companion when she gets older.

She has been through training with private lessons at home and socialization at Pet Smart. Our vet is very impressed with her good nature. At our last puppy check up, Bella actually jumped into her lap. Her bark when she is playing has a high pitch. But when she sees something that should not be there it changes to a very low bark with her hair on her back standing up.
Thanks for such a wonderful puppy. She really fits into our family very well. Enjoy the pictures. I’ll send more as she gets bigger.

Mary Pizzi

Hope this note finds you both doing well and enjoying the Christmas season!

Well, Bella is now 1 year old. Hard to believe – she has grown so much. She is such a bright spot in our lives. She loves to play frisbee, anytype of ball, and is doing very well in our “search” game. We hide a toy then ask her to search. Boy, the nose goes to the ground and air until she finds it. She also gives the local squirrels a run for their money. She walks through the yard like she is a member of Seal Team Six – then she runs after them while they jump into the trees and take off. She will lay at the bottom of the tree and wait, thinking that is their only way back down. Sending a couple of pictures to show you how pretty she is. She is 98% black and 2% tan. Just Beautiful! We took her to the vet for her “manicure” and she weighed in at 81 pounds. Guess we will need to take her on longer walks.

Take care,
Mary Pizzi

Elaine Gail Federico

Hi Linda and Emma.

Midnight is doing SO wonderfully! What a super, super dog. He is 8 months old now and around 70 pounds. We have had individual training at home and also in a class being held at our local veterinarian’s office. He gets compliments all the time on his excellent behavior. Everybody remarks on how “calm” he is, and how he is not a barker. When I walk him, sometimes other neighborhood dogs are running around loose and they come up to him. He is NEVER aggressive. He is always looking to be friendly and meet new dogs. Even if he is provoked, he does not attack other dogs. He always looks to me for a command, and he is very focused, with excellent eye contact. He is a pleasure to walk and play with. We go down to a nearby field in my subdivision and throw balls. He’s very good at fetching! I don’t let him get too tired, though, because it’s so hot out and he is black. The one funny thing about him is that he’s a very sloppy drinker! I sometimes wonder if any of the water makes it into his mouth!!!

Recently, we were over at my sister-in-law’s house, and there were other dogs around. A little 2 year old girl wandered into the room where I was staying with the dogs, and she began to pull the other dogs’ ears and tails. I didn’t know what her name was, and she didn’t speak English, so I couldn’t get her to stop. I yelled for someone to get her parents so they could get her to stop hurting the dogs. Do you know that she grabbed Midnight’s forehead and squished it, before I could stop her, and he did NOTHING! He was so patient and good. The other dogs yelped and snapped at her, but he was so generous with the child. It’s good to know he has this wonderful, balanced temperament.

We can take him for walks along Park Avenue in Winter Park, where it is very dog friendly, and he stays with us at the restaurant while we eat on the patio and enjoys a milk bone or chew toy. He’s a great dining companion. Most people don’t even know he’s around, unless they want to say how beautiful he is. German Shepherds get a lot of attention.

I just wanted to update you on our wonderful puppy. My mom routinely checks your web site for new puppies in case you have any females who are more tan than black. She likes the Rin-Tin-Tin style. I’m very happy with my dark doggie. He’s SO beautiful.

Hope you and Emma are well!

Elaine, Tom, Garret, and Marina Federico
Elaine Gail Federico, M.A., N.C.C., L.M.H.C. 
Oviedo, FL 32765

Marion L. Rich


I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how happy we are with Jager. He’s 8 months old now and 75 pounds. He is without a doubt the sweetest, most well behaved dog I’ve ever had. He gets compliments everywhere I take him. One woman stopped in the middle of traffic to ask me if he was old enough to breed yet! I walk him to school every day to pick up Elizabeth and he is a local “Superstar” there. The kids line up to pet him, and he loves the attention. I am proud to say he’s my dog.

I’ve attached a pic of Jager, Elizabeth, and Vaughn posing for the camera. Thanks again for a great dog.

Marion L. Rich SC

Jager the German Shepherd

Southern Style Ranch

Hi Linda, Hope this message finds you and Emma well…

I wanted to update you on how excited we are to announce the birth of Cierra’s second litter from Maverick! She had 10 beautiful puppies that included Black, Sable, and Black and Tan pups!!… I know it was very short notice, Cierra coming to you for a repeat breeding to Maverick, but we are very thankful for all your help, especially after what the other breeder had put us through… I just know this litter is going to be as awesome as the last and can’t wait to update you on their progress!!

Thank you again for everything!!
Danielle and Cierra

Mary Anne Magnell

Hi Linda and Emma!

I thought you would like an update on Thora! We purchased her from you last June. I have attached a picture.

She is doing great, and is sweet, silly girl. She is approaching 70 pounds at 11 months old. She absolutely loves ALL kids and other animals. She is my companion on my daily walks and has always walked very well on a leash. It’s clear she considers our 4 year old daughter, Maggie, her responsibility. Maggie always must be in Thora’s view.

We had her hips x-rayed and they are perfect. Her temperament, attitude and behavior is indicative of excellent breeding and she is definitely NOT our Last Shepherd from you!

Have a great weekend!

Mary Ann Magnell
Palm Coast, FL

Officer Mina Armanious

Diesel the German Shepherd

Hey Linda,

Yea he’s big… 72 lbs at 6 mos 3 weeks old. Training is going good. He is confident and fearless. We’re waiting on him to turn 1 before starting protection training. I will continue to send you pictures as he grows.

…I just wanted to send you an updated picture of Diesel. He is now 1 year old and 100 lbs. He is seriously the best dog in the world!!

He just graduated obedience school and is doing great. It is great to hear that his father got his OFA certificate. Thanks again for everything, and I will continue sending updated photographs!!

Officer Mina