AKC Puppy Registration

German Shepherd Imports and AKC Registration

ALL of our dogs are registered in Europe. There is a long process to register the dog with AKC after we  Import them and before we can register the litter.

Here is the process:

  1. We receive the Mom from Europe and she is in Whelp with pups from the Sire in Europe. Within a month we receive Mom’s Import papers which we have to get registered in Europe in our name. This takes some time (it is required by AKC, and also Europe Mail takes 3 weeks each way!)
  2. When we receive Mom’s Import papers with our name as the new owner, we then send them into AKC with the Foreign Registration form, color photos and required AKC fee. This can easily take a month.
  3. We purchase a DNA kit from AKC
  4. When received, we do the DNA on the dog and return it to AKC for processing which takes 6-8 weeks
  5. IF the DNA took (many times they send you a resample kit UG), we get a Stud Certificate from the Sire owner in Europe
  6. When that is received, we can register a Foreign litter with the AKC and then after several weeks we get your puppy’s papers and send them to you 🙂

This is the process, but NO guarantees. So far, we have ALWAYs been able to register our Import litters!
But remember: AKC always has the final word and they always say to us “Pending”. So we say to you: “Pending registration”. (Puppies are limited reg. as family pets ‘breeding rights’ available for $350-$800 one time fee)
You will get your papers for your puppy when we receive them.