Delmar, Barbara, Rebecca and Cameron

Hello Linda and Emma!

Sorry it has been so long for an update! I hope you can see in the picture that she is just growing every day and getting absolutely smarter everyday! My vet says she is a perfect pup; our puppy class trainer says she has had really good breeding; and of course you know that we think she is pretty wonderful too!

She came here house trained (thank you so much) and we are working on her little manners and she goes in her crate easily, she is making and holding eye contact with me, sits on command, and waits patiently for food.
When we take her outside at night she has her cute little gsd stance if there is something she isn’t sure of and isn’t fearful of anything! And she goes wherever I go! She does want to grab my ankles sometimes but she is learning that if she does I will walk away from her and she does not like that at all! She greets all her visitors that have come to meet her with kisses and a wagging tail!

The two older dogs are very patient with her and love to play! I was a little worried at first, but shouldn’t have been!

Thank you so much for our sweet Abby Clare!
Delmar, Barbara, Rebecca and Cameron

German Shepherd