Lori Quast


I just wanted to let you know that Baron is an amazing puppy. I have had Shepherds all my life but never one that has been so alert & so intelligent at this age. He has already picked up where things are after only one day. I kept his kennel in the laundry room and i put him to bed around10:00. I got up at 1:30 am 3:30am and again at 5:30am (probably overkill but i know he was so lonely his first night without his family) to let him out. He held it and has not had one accident yet (And he was in the house all day yesterday!) He went potty everytime i took him out. Anyways, I am so grateful for such a wonderful puppy. I will get you some photos in the few days. Thank you very much, He is truly amazing!!

Sincerely, Lori Quast


Just wanted to send a couple of pics of Baron to show you how handsome he is. He started his first protection introduction class yesterday. The trainer said in 18 yrs. he has only had 2 puppies before Baron go after the whip when they were introduced to it the first time. When he brought that whip out and started using it Baron went crazy!! He was lunging at him snarling and barking trying to get to that whip. Then he would grab the towel and shake it and growl. He has great nerve, nothing rattles him and he is intimidated by nothing. He is doing great at obedience as well. Very good at his sit, down, heel and stays. I take him with me whenever i can. He is such an intelligent and well balanced dog. It’s so funny, since the day i got him if he hears children (especially little girls) playing somewhere he goes crazy trying to get to them so he can play. I tell people it’s because of Emma, he remembers!! Well, I hope everything is well,

Take Care, Lori.

P.S. Next time I will try to get some more “action” in his photos instead of him just lounging around!