Mary Pizzi

Hello Linda and Emma!

Bella is growing like a weed and I thought you might like to see how she looks at 7 months. She weighs 59.4 lbs today. She has really bonded with my husband, David. She follows him everywhere. I think she will be his running companion when she gets older.

She has been through training with private lessons at home and socialization at Pet Smart. Our vet is very impressed with her good nature. At our last puppy check up, Bella actually jumped into her lap. Her bark when she is playing has a high pitch. But when she sees something that should not be there it changes to a very low bark with her hair on her back standing up.
Thanks for such a wonderful puppy. She really fits into our family very well. Enjoy the pictures. I’ll send more as she gets bigger.

Mary Pizzi

Hope this note finds you both doing well and enjoying the Christmas season!

Well, Bella is now 1 year old. Hard to believe – she has grown so much. She is such a bright spot in our lives. She loves to play frisbee, anytype of ball, and is doing very well in our “search” game. We hide a toy then ask her to search. Boy, the nose goes to the ground and air until she finds it. She also gives the local squirrels a run for their money. She walks through the yard like she is a member of Seal Team Six – then she runs after them while they jump into the trees and take off. She will lay at the bottom of the tree and wait, thinking that is their only way back down. Sending a couple of pictures to show you how pretty she is. She is 98% black and 2% tan. Just Beautiful! We took her to the vet for her “manicure” and she weighed in at 81 pounds. Guess we will need to take her on longer walks.

Take care,
Mary Pizzi