Theresa and Jim

Sable puppy
Linda & Emma

We are having so much fun with the new addition to our family at almost 9 weeks one ear is up.

Every day she experienced something new. Today she found a stuffed rain-deer in the family room. She was very funny.

She is very well behaved. We bought a brand new extra large dog pen for her to sleep in at night. (after all she is still a baby) We put it in our room and several times during the day without closing the pen we put her blanket and toys in it and told her good night. Just to get her used to it. Therefore in the evening when we go to bed we just close our bedroom door and just tell her goodnight and turn off the light. She stays in there until we wake up, ( we never close the door of the pen or lock it) usually about 3:00 in the morning we wake up and take her out to do her business. She has never had any accidents. We use the one word commands as instructed such as ” out” “sit” “down” and “goodnight”.

Every time she wakes up from her nap after playing hard, we just say “sable out” and she goes to the door off the porch to go out. We will be very consistent with her until we are confident with her training.

We took her to the vet and he said she was and extremely healthy dog.
Thank you for a wonderful addition to our family.

Theresa & Jim