Trooper Rick Cicero, K-9 Drug Detector Trainer


Attached are some photos of Soldat. He is currently certified as a Service Dog, but as a Trainer for Police and Military Dogs I have done some detection work with him and tested his drives in all aspects. He has good balance and stability in his drives, while with minimal stim he rises to the occasion with civil agitation (with full fight drive) or will hunt with the best of detection dogs. The detection work to follow in another e-mail is a mail searching exercise. Please feel free to contact me for any other information I have.

Trooper Rick Cicero
K-9 Drug Detector Trainer

Soldat doing drug search

Kale is now the Mascot for our Softball team, seen here licking the Umpire for the Sheriff’s Department!

Dustin and Kale
Koen  A beautiful sable.
Sable German Shepherd