Ty and Nancy


My wife and I have spent some time on your website and taken a close look at the pedigrees of your litter’s mother and father. We want one of the puppies for sure. We prefer a male. Please tell us how to proceed from here. What convinced us without actually seeing the puppies is the fact that our recently departed Rex von Merlene and your Amina seem to us to be from the same blood lines. Take a peek. We’ll bring the papers on our dog just as a matter of interest.

We don’t want to miss out on this opportunity and would like to send a deposit sight unseen.


Just wanted to let you know that all went very well on the trip home yesterday with Max. He slept in Nancy’s arms most of the way. Not bad. He’s eating and sleeping and peeing and doing all those puppy things. King, the 8 year old GSD and he are getting along great. Max only woke up and whined twice last night. Other than that he slept. Good boy !

I am amazed that he has taken to walking on a leash already. A little balking at first but then he was fine with it. We put on leash when we take him out the front door.We’re going to take him to a puppy kindergarten in a couple of weeks. It’s put on my the Brevard Kennel Club so we hope it’s good.Nancy (my wife) and I are so pleased to have been guided to you!

Thank you for our new family member, you have brought such Joy to our lives.


attached is an updated picture of Max.