Training Supplies Information

As a German Shepherd Breeder I have gone through many products and information over the years. Here is a compilation of what I recommend.

Dog Training: Instructional DVDs, Toys and Products

For a free dog training podcast and great toys go to I have used Leerburg training DVDs and products and they are wonderful.

More help with Training -HERE

Dog Food, Chewables and Medicine

I have been feeding my dogs raw foods and Royal Canin or Taste of the Wild Prairie. These are grain-free dog food which is very good for those sensitive to corn and fillers. Do a Google search to find a Dealer of this food near you. I easily find this food at my local feed store (that sells hay and horse supplies). Our puppies are raised on Purina Pro Plan Puppy- we found with research that if your  not starting out with raw diet, its best to not feed a Grain Free food while puppy is in his developing stages.

My online website of choice for collars, pig ears, chew hooves and dog medicines is

To SPAY or not to SPAY (or Neuter)

very informative Link HERE

What about Vaccines- do they work? How many does my Puppy Need?? See HERE

Remember to keep your pet Healthy by Good food & staying away from animals that carry these Diseases.

Flea Control

Many customers ask me what flea product works best in Florida. During the past few years, it seems the fleas here in Florida have become immune to certain flea control. I spoke with my veterinarian about this concern and he recommended a product called ACTIVYL. This is a topical and it really does work. They also make one that helps with fleas and ticks. Check out for best prices. *IF you wish to avoid poisons and the many reactions they cause- consider Brewers Yeast & Garlic pills, they are a great substitute as the Brewers Yeast makes their blood taste bitter to fleas & ticks and the Garlic produces an odor that mosquitoes avoid!!

I try to Avoid poisons– So I mainly use DoTerra Oils- I combine a few drops ea of Peppermint, Clove, Cedarwood, Tea Tree in a small sprayer bottle and spritz the ears and feet- this is Effective, Safe and smells good- no worrying about poison residue on your couch or children’s hands as they pet your dog. *Another wonderful help is Brewers Yeast & Garlic pills that I get from jeffers; if your looking for a more natural alternative these pills and the oils work great with NO dangerous side affects. BREWERS YEAST & GARLIC PILLS  are a wonderful supplement to repel Fleas , Ticks, & Mosquitoes! we supply some in your puppy packet. I also us a Holistic Pet Bug repellent made by Melaluca.

Registration Resources

Hips & Elbows: If one of my Import German Shepherd dogs does not already have an “a” stamp then they are seen by a qualified veterinarian who does x-rays and results come from which is the orthopedic foundation for animals.

Imports are all flown in from Frankfurt on Lufthansa. The dogs/puppies  always arrive in good condition and well cared for.

All my dogs have certified purebred pedigrees which can be found on the German Pedigree database website at

All my dogs are also registered with AKC. For information on AKC go to See puppy registration page to see the process (  its quiet long 🙁     ) of registering an Import dog or puppy. In the many years I have been importing Shepherds I have never been denied any registration papers of my dogs and pups from AKC.