Very Important Info on Vaccines and Trifexis

When thinking about the care for your German Shepherd puppy through vaccinations, all buyers should do their own research. It is our recommendation that owners should consider only the core shots. Here’s why:

We encourage you to take the time to read the information at the links below. Many people have done extensive research on this topic, and we’re providing these to help you make informed decisions on your beloved pet.

Do NOT use Trifexis!!! It causes death in dogs and puppies!

Important Dog Vaccination Links

From another reputable breeder Lilspups:
See the “Vaccine Protocol” on my website. I always tell puppy buyers to do the 3 year Rabies instead of the yearly. I also tell them that vaccines are not necessary every year. That too much actually lowers the immune system instead of building it. It’s a shame what vets do for a few extra bucks—actually a lot of extra bucks. Now a days, some make their clients do heart worm tests every year even though the dog is on heart worm meds. Greedy people. Of course the vaccine companies are making a goodly amount on their sales too.

Always ask your breeder first. They should be the most knowledgeable resource on the breed and the personality of the puppy you are getting from them.